13 December, 2012

State Bank Collect, Visit : www.onlinesbi.com/prelogin/icollecthome.htm

Go to State Bank Collect :

About State Bank Collect :
“State Bank Collect” is a generic e-payment module that provides a facility of making online payment of the charges for various goods and services offered by the Firms / Corporates / Institutions.

Outline in Brief :Retail Internet Banking user having transactional rights makes payment after selecting the desired Corporate/Institution available under ‘State Bank collect’ link. On successful completion of the transaction, an e-receipt is generated.
Transaction charges for recovery, if any, will be displayed and debited separately.

List of online services :An illustrative list of the online services is mentioned under:
Supply of goods and services.
Collection of dues by Government / Quasi Govt bodies.
Local taxes by semi govt. bodies like water tax, house tax, electricity bill etc..
Recruitment fee.
Subscription to News paper/magazine, Club membership fee.
Fee collection by Educational Institutions.
Donations to Charitable Institutions / Religious Institutions.
Registration and booking changes for various services.
Other miscellaneous services.

Navigation :Customer clicks on the link ‘State Bank Collect - Selects ‘SBI ATM - cum - Debit Card’.
Selects ‘Pay Using Card’.
Ticks the Check Box for having agreed to the Disclaimer clause.
Selects State and Category of Corporate/Institution.
Selects the desired Firm / Corporate / Institution.
Selects the appropriate Payment Category.
A Payment form with the logo and Corporate details, together with the parameters to be keyed in by the User is displayed. User enters the required details.
Selects the debit account, enters the ‘Remarks’ (if any), and submits.
An intermediary screen is displayed for verification and to confirm the payment.
An e-Receipt is generated for the successful payments.
User can also view/print ‘State Bank collect’ Payment History for a date range.
Visit : https://www.onlinesbi.com/